Hi, my name is Anthony Lloyd Musca I’m 22 years old, Graphic Designer, from Perth, Australia. I've always been a lover of arts, and creative works ever since a young age, on my Mother's side the arts have always been a core foundation to the family. I've been in the Graphic Design industry for the past four years.

I’m an ABN registered business and I work my absolute hardest on my design work (which can at times be a curse), to make sure it is unique, refined, special and crafted with love, passion and purpose. I am an advance problem solver and a different thinker. I know the Adobe Three, Illustrator, Indesign & Photoshop to the tee. I'm becoming good friends with After Effects, my Wacom and Corel Painter these days as well.

In 2017 I won a Gold Medal in the WorldSkills WA Regional (North) Graphic Design Technology competition, I went forth to represent WA in June 2018 Skills Show in Sydney, aka WorldSkills Australia National Championships 2018, for Graphic Design Technology, where I won the bronze medal, which I was very happy with. The competiton went for 3 days in total, where a new brief was given each day, with new desired outcomes, requirements and deliverables were needed each day.
I love logo design, branding, illustration, making posters, stationery, motion design and anything that is needed for web related content like for social media or in terms of public relations. I am also great at video editing, which is a self taught skill, over years of editing hundreds of videos for fun; I am a more than competent video editor with having over 200 edited videos under my belt.

I'm currently studying full time at the North Metropolitan TAFE (previously know as Central Institute of Technology) to achieve an Advance Diploma in Graphic Design by the end of 2018 and I am also working part time as a in house Graphic Designer at a, along side my freelance work and personal projects.

In the future I would love to be a partner at Pentagram New York. Working as a designer in New York has been a dream of mine since early 2015. In the far future I would love to completely work for myself full time under Branding, Typography, Poster Design and just Art (that or being a Creative Director at a firm). Outside of my studies I plan to further develop my skills in further motion design and to become a more refined illustrator. Outside of the graphic design field, I enjoy, computing, gaming, videography, art and reading.

In summary I can help you with:
 • Website prototyping 
 • Web Related Graphics
 •  Creative Direction
it's a me
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