Art and Illustration is where this all began for me as kid growing up, it was hard for me as a child to stop drawing in class, and at home it was one of my favourite pastimes. My mother is a painter and my grand-père (grandfather) was a painter, naturally I had this talent; A talent which requires much practice and application, theory and learning in order to get better. Art and Illustration, I've always believed is a subjective thing, many a times there is no right or wrong answers for what is deemed to be good, it's all preference much like food. Although there are some classics that we can all agree are brilliant and have stood the test of time: the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci, The Starry Night by Van Gogh, so on and so forth;etc.

I enjoy, using inks, watercolour, pencils, fineliners, markers, spray paint on canvas only and digital art which can be range of mediums and styles but for me specifically, copics/markers, oils, watercolour and acrylics. I am in no way an expect in Art it takes decades to become one, but that doesn’t mean I’m not good. I am still learning and growing with my artwork and illustration all the time, and I wouldn’t say I have a definite set style yet, but I can emulate any style, and would be overjoyed, in the prospect on working on an art project for you. Store with completed artwork for sale coming soon.

Below are some artwork and illustration from the past, they don't show in any shape or forum the scope of the project, or the time spent before starting the final. To see more of my artwork, check out and follow my Instagram where I post it regular when I can, on both my profile/feed as well as my story. 
Alcohol Label Digital Illustration  //  2018
Label illustrated in Corel Painter, adjusted colours for print in Adobe Photoshop. Mock up image has not been edited at all, shot on Sony G3125. Full Project coming soon.
Digital Illustration  //  2018
Two digital illustrations here, one a digital illustration for the album Blonde by Frank Ocean Oils in Photoshop, approx +22 hours. The second here a poster for the PosterSpy creative brief from Sony for Blade Runner 2049, Oils in Photoshop approx +12 hours.
Digital Poster Art  //  Comic Book Style  //  2017 
Two digital illustrations here, one a made for fun for Thor: Ragnarok stylistically to look like an old comic book cover digital +8 hours, Adobe Illustrator primarily, and also Adobe Photoshop. The second here a poster for the PosterSpy creative brief from Sony for Baby Driver, Adobe Illustrator +10 hours.
Pineapple Botanical Illustration  //  2017
Hand drawn, image one final with text, image two, main illustration from final standalone drawn with Prismacolor pencils, third illustration drawn with graphite Staedtler 2B Mars Mirco 0.5mm & Mars Lumograph To understand technique and lighting.
36 Days of Type 05  //  Three Series  //  2018
For 36 Days of Type 2018 I did three series. Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) characters as the first letters from their names, an animation series, and a gold series. Two of which are sampled here. MCU series of digital flat, character design illustration. The gold series being more artistic free forum with some sampled here with digitally painted backgrounds. Top was an abstract title design for the series, made as a page break.
Character Illustration Label Design  //  2017
Made in adobe illustrator, for Dukka spices, each illustration looking more evil than the last to match the increased heat/hotness. The entire label, printing, and photography was done by me. 
Summer Spaceman Wave Digital Artwork  //  2017  
Done for Boundless Art Exhibition. Sold as A4 prints. Now avaible on shirts and more on DBH.
Typographic Artwork Design  //  2018
Insecure HBO type illusion done in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Just Survive Somehow The Walking Dead type piece done by hand and put together in Adobe Photoshop.  
Car Illustrations  //  2017
Both completely done in Adobe Illustrator. First focused on form, the second as a 80s synthwave piece.
Character Design & Animation  //  2017
Done for a 2-D side scrolling game I made. All artwork and imputing it into a working engine was done by me, hence the ruby. Forums made in Adobe Illustrator, and animated and puppet-ed in After Effects.
Pirates of the Caribbean Digital Artwork  //  2017
Done in Adobe Illustrator. Colour and line work based on Art Nouveau.
36 Days of Type 04  //  2017
For 36 Days of Type 2017. Samples from the series which was heavily experimentation based. Made in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, some hand done, like the Q which was completely spray painted.
Spray Painted Type Posters  //  2016
Top three were my favorites, bottom two the clients favorites, all elements (apart from body type) spray painted and then composed and edited in Adobe Photoshop.
Space Pyramids  //  2016
Space Spray Painted Artwork. Done for Unknown Art Exhibition. Sold as A3 framed originals. If you would like an original one of one spray painted piece like this contact me.
Isometric Technical Illustration  //  2016
Made in Adobe Illustrator, character from Cartoon Network show Adventure Time.
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