Logo for class project. Conceptual vehicle company that makes light fast hover crafts for mars/like speeders from star wars. All logo colour variants. 
Excerpt from 'client' branding pitch / presentation. "Red A400 is the primary colour for Aves. Cyan 500 is the supporting colour. A400 Red Logos are to be used on dark backgrounds. Cyan 500 on light backgrounds. Black on white, and white on black, on black and white printed docs, stylized artwork/videos;etc. Colour to be used primarily..."
Excerpt from my 'client' pitch / presentation about the name choice and logo. "Aves, at it’s base is the scientific word for birds. A clear cut representation of the brand and company and what we do. Not to mention easy to spell, short, and nice to say, like any brand should be. Quick, nimble, bold, bright. It’s how you describe birds; It’s very much how you describe our vehicles as well. 
This logo embodies the name Aves, and company. It is bold. Colour is Bright. It is definitive and unique, much like our vehicles. The A works standalone as a symbol/ logo mark. Much like any vehicle logo. It has the appearance of a bird beak, it looks like a rocket ship, it looks like a bird-eyes view of a bird soaring with it’s wings by it’s side."
Logo Animation for advertisement / video end use. Made in After Effects, no plug-ins.
Interactive website mock-up. Made to show what the site could look like. Scroll in the box above or click around on it to see what it intractable. Made in Adobe XD.
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