This was a very extensive project to with in-depth research and very well though-out design, that was planned, tested and then executed well. Feedback from this project was as follows:
"Hi Anthony - thanks for your explanations, but I'm completely satisfied you've meticulously crafted this document! I'm so impressed that you considered a conceptual approach to presenting the company, with the full-colour imagery & investment story as a Prologue. It shows a professional consideration of the project as if it were an actual job. Effective use of white space to balance colour images and pace the reader. Well-designed and engaging tables too. Logical and clear layout, restrained typography, and interesting graphic details (love those donut pie graphics & highlights!). If pushed to suggest something, maybe the Contents could scale down and just let the white space work? Anyway, great job Anthony - thankyou! 
Have a wonderful break."
 Mocked up pages below followed by full embedded PDF.
Embedded full PDF, as spreads.
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