This project was too help improve sales at the Butcher Shop Northbridge. After a careful analysis. It was evident there was a hole in there branding. No evident logo, no consistency across socials, and a website that was dated. Step one to improving the brand was creating an on brand logotype, font choice for future use in ads; etc while also not completely ignoring what little so called branding they had already, so using a few older elements and improving them. For example using the Komika font for the companies font, which they were already using but inconstantly and sometimes too often for things like body copy, I also created a more refine butcher knife character. They had two misplaced versions of this in the past.
This character will be animated in the future and was made to be ready for rigging.
Interactive website mock-up. Made to show what the site could look like. Scroll in the box above or click around on it to see what it intractable. Made in Adobe XD.
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