Full colour/standard logo & a few colour variant. Excerpt from my 'client' pitch / presentation about the logo what drives it's forum, and it's further implementation. "I wanted this logo to have a very moderne look to it, at the same time not abandoning the old styles from classic universities. The result of this is something that looks like an old logo, that has been modernised. Classic in shape, geometric and abstract in a sense. Colour had to have a old vibe to it, not poppy, fresh, bright and neon. Something warm and refined. The logos colour could not be random due to this they had to have a bases in which they which they were chosen.

This isn’t just some abstract shape. It’s a H on a nine square grid rotated 90 degrees. H for Holt. Bold, strong a solid foundation to this new forerunning leading WA university. This shape was help defined from the Birmingham Coat of arms, the geometric shapes within, the cross shape and diagonal forum. Birmingham being where Holt’s family was from. The coat of arms and Birmingham flag helped me gain my colours, to which I refined; they closely relate to primary colours which can make anything, symbolic to Holts supportive background in immigration. The family crest of Holt from the UK also helped influence shape and supported using yellow as well as the blue more so.

This 9 square grid will be the foundation of my signage system, these arrows not only match the type but also are unique & not cliche. Logo composed on the golden ratio (size and spacing of the two elements)". 
About the signage system. The signage is made out acrylic. The white is a bright translucent white, which a has vivid white lights behind it, which are on at night for outside signage and always on inside. The red panels for some signage has the same concept of lighting. Type used Universe Next, from the branding identity. Medium as the based for small copy, and heavy for large text and as main display font. And bold for everything in-between in order to gain that extra bump in hierarchy. Brand colours used though out. Arrow System is based off the H, for Holt, the arrow form is strong a much live our core values represents a way forward. It is always ordered for arrows in the list Top/North, then Left /East, then Right /West. Down arrows are not to be used and all things in the opposite direction are to appear on the reverse side of signs This arrow was build off the dynamics H 9 grid forum.
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