Iconic SansTypographic Book
In April in 2019 I was tasked at Uni to create a publication with focus on type & hierarchy. This book using physical & digital design is the result.
Project for studies at Curtin University Perth all skills learnt from my 4 years of study at North Metropolitan TAFE, Northbridge, Western Australia. Special thanks to Tracy Graffin and Brendan Hibbert for their teachings.
Book Printed at Worldwide Perth QV1, Western Australia. Photographed at home with my Samsung Galaxy note 9 in RAW and then edited in Adobe Lightroom CC. Fonts license with Monotype Library subscription and Adobe Typekit. Body copy typeface is Amasis designed by Ron Carpenter and published by Monotype. Book made in InDesign CC. Imagery laid out in InDesign CC, printed out scanned with movement to make effect, then crop and levels edited in Photoshop CC.
Objectives: to create well laid out book, using hierarchy and layout. Giving base
information and a little bit more on these typefaces. To have the audience seeing
the typefaces in a different light. Six brand ethos: educational, confident, exclusive,
quality, detail-oriented and playful. The difference would be avoiding repetition in the obvious forums of displaying the typefaces but keeping repetition in the creative images and in paragraph styles and layout.

The aim personally was to create a book that could be looked at as a work of typographic art.
How it was made: Research on design books I owned and projects on Bēhance. Ideation conceptual development was next, sketching out everything and trialing ideas. An unintrusive pairing for body, chosen carefully. Creating a grid system, l cm of 2, 3 and 4 for images. Vertical grid having more freedom. Creating images in InDesign, printing them, scanning with movement to create effect and refining levels and crop in Photoshop. Then composing all pages, printing, then photographing and editing photos in Lightroom.
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