Over my several years of being Graphic Designer I have learnt and taught many things. One of these prime things that I have learnt is logo design, and not just the fundamentals of how to make one, not just the rules and practicality of it all. This additional element that I’m taking about can’t be taught from person to person, it can only ever truly be understood from putting a copious amount of hours into the work.

What I've learnt can be summarised into two basic things. Firstly, a good logo can never be made quickly, and secondly a good logo is always has meaning to it. A logo isn’t just some mark to show the name of your company, or to 'just' represent it. A logo as a whole is a representation of your company, something that can live for generations. For some company’s a logo lives with a company for its entire life, and in history you can trace back and see some logo’s outliving the companies themselves.

Why would you rush, something so important? A logo lives like a piece of great art, and henceforth should represented, be made and treated such. Crafted with time, proper understanding, with principles and most importantly with meaning. Every logo should have a meaning to it. If a designer ever makes a logo that simple does its job and nothing more, to me, they have failed. Meaning which has been derived from what your company does, what they have done, and what they will do, represent, drive and work towards.

I can make a logo for anyone willing to work with me, and work with my terms. It doesn’t matter if you have been in business for 5 years, 50 years, 5 minutes or 500 years. I will always come up with a solution for your business. Wherever it be for your new businesses a placeholder now and the real craft on the way, in the background. Or old business looking for a fresh start or a refresh, re-visoned, revitalised, version of something old. Maybe you just need some polish on the wheels. No task or company too big or too small.

Below I have some examples you many enjoy, all with a of what and a summary of what you don’t see, the first two of these go into 'full' detail. This in no shape or forum displays, the scope of these projects, the hours spent, the many refinements, basically any of the work apart from the final parts of the work.
Holt University  //  2018
Full colour/standard logo & monochrome horizontal for light backgrounds variant. Excerpt from my 'client' pitch / presentation about the logo what drives it's forum, and it's further implementation. "I wanted this logo to have a very moderne look to it, at the same time not abandoning the old styles from classic universities. The result of this is something that looks like an old logo, that has been modernised. Classic in shape, geometric and abstract in a sense. Color had to have a old vibe to it, not poppy, fresh, bright and neon. Something warm and refined. The logos colour could not be random due to this they had to have a bases in which they which they were chosen.

This isn’t just some abstract shape. It’s a H on a nine square grid rotated 90 degrees. H for Holt. Bold, strong a solid foundation to this new forerunning leading WA university. This shape was help defined from the Birmingham Coat of arms, the geometric shapes within, the cross shape and diagonal forum. Birmingham being where Holt’s family was from. The coat of arms and Birmingham flag helped me gain my colours, to which I refined; they closely relate to primary colours which can make anything, symbolic to Holts supportive background in immigration. The family crest of Holt from the UK also helped influence shape and supported using yellow as well as the blue more so.

This 9 square grid will be the foundation of my signage system, these arrows not only match the type but also are unique and no cliche. See last image for mock directional sign and zoom of it. Logo composed on the goldern ratio (size and spacing of the two elements)". Design with meaning. Logo for class project. Colour, light monochrome colour, dark monochrome colour, black and white, different orientations and sign mock up. Conceptual uni branding with a focus on the signage system.
Aves - Hover Craft Company //  2018
Full primary colour logotype on black and logomark full primary colour on white. Excerpt from my 'client' pitch / presentation about the name choice and logo. "Aves, at it’s base is the scientific word for birds. A clear cut representation of the brand and company and what we do. Not to mention easy to spell, short, and nice to say, like any brand should be. Quick, nimble, bold, bright. It’s how you describe birds; It’s very much how you descirbe our vehicles as well. 

This logo embodies the name Aves, and company. It is bold. Colour is Bright. It is definitive and unique, much like our vehicles. The A works standalone as a symbol/ logo mark. Much like any vehicle logo. It has the appearance of a bird beak, it looks like a rocket ship, it looks like a birdeyes view of a bird soaring with it’s wings by it’s side." Logo for class project. Conceptual vehicle company that makes light fast hover crafts for mars/like speeders from star wars.
Lush - Hair Product Company //  2017
Full primary colour logotype on black and black & white variant. This Logo had to very much embody the product, and name. Lush, growing rich and thick in terms of plants, and thick and healthy in term of hair. The combination of the two is a no brainier, the representation via fruit and to have the word-mark reflect the same luxurious, bold, juicy look. No fruit fits this description better than a pineapple, nor does no fruit better have a representation of hair. The result shown above. 
Zero - Mobile Phone and MNO Company //  2017
Full primary colour logotype on white and white on secondary dark colour variant. This conceptual company was to make a bezel-less clear aka transparent phone and a phone without limits or hitches. Not only that this company would be a mobile service provider (MNO) one with an unlimited connection, and unlimited speeds. This logo represents the company because much like the phone the logo in clear and see through, not only that, there is no solid edges/joins, a small ball could enter the z and come out the o which represents the connection, not being able to be stopped, it has complete fluidity. Also the z doubles as a numerical zero which you could find on a calculator. 
Tomato Interior Design Studio  //  2017
Full primary colour logotype on secondary colour and black(k) & white variant. The subtraction from the inside of the logotype give it a look that emulates Art Deco, having high rises mideline in A. Art Deco being always closely associated with interior design. The middle being subtracted from or being 'custom' also gives a very literal sense of interior design, having the interior being customised. The external o brings it all together by making it match the other o making them appear in a set, something an interior designer would also do in a very literal sense. The logotype can also be seen as forming that shape of a couch or lounge chair too. The secondary colour being monochromatic (a darker red) also brings this element of matching elements.
Meta - Art Gallery  //  2017
Full primary colour logotype on black and full primary colour logotype on white. A modernised version of my 2016 logo, excerpt from my 'client' pitch / presentation about the logo: "This logo I created with the exhibition as a whole in mind. It is creative and very easy to read. The paint texture was made to represent the work from the expo itself, is it very noticeable and recognisable. The full stop after the word meta, is to further emphasis this painting vibe as it is a paint dot rather than a perfect circle. The type is custom, current, and modern; based on Futura, with the a and e being made from scratch. This logo was originally sketched multiple times before being made, having a strong basis like any artwork."
Lucler Mobile  //  2016
Full primary colour logotype on black, black & white logo and monochrome primary colour on black. This conceptual company would be a mobile service provider (MNO) with an unlimited connection, and clear transparent contracts. The two L's facing each other form a triangle, commonly known as one of the strongest shapes in construction, a representation of the MNO's signal strength. Not only that it forums a point to were you can visualise a beam coming out of it, sending a signal, being the largest competent of the logo looking like one darn large strong signal. The lines coming into the logotype also representing the receiving signal, when it comes to tech, the more bars the stronger the signal. The empty gap in the triangle is not just to show the L's forums, it is so the logo stays LUCid and CLER (cler old french origin of clear) and see-through which represents the transparency in the company's contracts.    
Meta - Art Gallery  //  2016
Full primary colour logotype on white and all four colour variants. A original version of my 2016 meta logo, excerpt from my 'client' pitch / presentation about the logo: This logo, which I create for the meta art expo, is based off the CMYK colour model. CMYK refers to the four inks used in standard colour printing, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (which is black). This not only identifies with designers and digital artists who print work but, also enables when the art is printed, to print nice and constantly, also it is a simple flat logo. The K (Key - Black) also has the secondary purpose of being print in black and white and remaining the same. The pen object under the text meta was based off the pen tool from Adobe products which is a recognizable thing for any digital artists. Artists who also love type will also identify with this element as the pen nib closely represents a calligraphy pen nib (Also please note, the fact that the pen nib renders harder to see the smaller the logo is, is a factor done on purpose). Also the resemblance between primary colours and CMYK colour model is very close, which I believe others who are not aware of CMYK colour model will still have and see the association with, as the CMYK closely resembles primary colours, red, blue and yellow.
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