The main target audience for this campaign are young content creators, which in turn are meant to help bring in more visitors from their influence on their followers and fan bases. This campaign had the option to be appealing to the general population, also while maintaining focus on the the target audience. In order to do this correctly, the language has to be easy for all to understand a identity with. The solution; Create Margaret River. It’s simple but it works in may forums. It says you make the place & at the same time you can truly make anything here; Away from the modern day distractions of the everyday person. It works like a fill in the blank, “Create (blank [optional]) Margaret River”. This would be not only the slogan, but also focus of the campaign for example. “Create Margaret River.” “Create at Margaret River” “Create Art. Margaret River”, “Create Fun. Margaret River”, “Create Memories. Margaret River”, “Create Magic. Margaret River”, “Create Design. Margaret River”, “Create Stories. Margaret River”, “Create Film. Margaret River”, “Create Photography. Margaret River”.
Audio ad: This as is rather cliche, but it’s hard to get the point across otherwise. You can just simply say it but that doesn’t sell the idea, that would just put it out there. It was read to pace and adjusted accordingly to fit the 15 second format.
“Imagine a place without the daily restrictions of life, one where you can really enjoy yourself and create freely. Well imagine no more because this place is real. At Margaret River. A place where you can create, memories, content, serenity, art, fun and more. Create at, Margaret River”
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