Branding concept project for Meta Art Expo, WA. The project was from my studies. This conceptual branding project was put forward to the art exhibition board and was commend by them highly.
This project was given while I was studying for Diploma at North Metropolitan TAFE (Formally known as Central Institute of Technology). It was a live-client brief meaning the brief was real and someone’s work at the end of this task would be used. The project was to design the logo for presentation alongside a rational, which if chosen would further lead to the re-branding. The Logo was for the metamorphosis art and design exhibition, that would be renamed meta for short. Meta is an art and design expo for senior secondary school students that be presented by North Metropolitan TAFE annually as part of the Perth Winter Arts Festival; “This exhibition will present innovative, exploratory and exciting works completed by some of Western Australia’s most creative year 11 and 12 students enrolled in Visual Art and Design courses with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority of WA.”
This logo, which I create for the meta art expo, is based off the CMYK colour model. CMYK refers to the four inks used in standard colour printing, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (which is black). This not only identifies with designers and digital artists who print work but, also enables when the art is printed, to print nice and constantly, also it is a simple flat logo. The K (Key - Black) also has the secondary purpose of being print in black and white and remaining the same. The pen object under the text meta was based off the pen tool from Adobe products which is a recognizable thing for any digital artists. Artists who also love type will also identify with this element as the pen nib closely represents a calligraphy pen nib (Also please note, the fact that the pen nib renders harder to see the smaller the logo is, is a factor done on purpose to give the appearance of a period/full stop). I also experimented using primary colours (see below) as all artists can identify with this and a paint bush instead of the pen, because painting is more closely recognized with primary colours than CMYK, but ultimately stayed away from this as it is not as nice of a finish; the reason I left it on is here and when presenting to the client is because after making it I realised although it may not be on purpose, the resemblance between primary colours and CMYK colour model is not only very close, but very prominent which I believe others who are not aware of CMYK colour space would to still see and hence forth find a connection that they can identify with.
The meta bold logotype that can be seen among the primary colour logo experimentations is one of the logos I created during this project, that I thought could be a great similar alternative that I also showed the client. This logo when presented to the board was not only a finalist but as I was told a favourite among the board, but the head of organisation, went with their own choice and picked a more creative piece as the Logo. It was a great project, with the client brief stating only a logo and rational needed for approval, and I loved the work I got out of it, to the extent I made a poster and three banners with use of the continued branding I came up with in my own time just as a side fun/practise project.
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