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The function of this app would be to directly remove the usage of needing to carry a wallet (cash is dead). You would have loyalty cards in it, gym passes, bus cards, ‘bank cards’ everything (bank cards would actually be in apple pay, but you could also access it in this app with a quick launch button I set up). 
The way the loyalty card system would work would be three ways, A. You search the business in the app, B. You find them under the discovery tab because of proximity for location service or C. You scan their ‘code’. These codes work the same way QR codes work. But QR codes never really took off so we will do it the modern way like snapchat have done, the codes all look the same in a way that represents the app, and anyone can generate a code. 
The purpose of the Today section under the home tab is to quick view you calendar, ios does not yet have the ability to split screen apps, so if you wanted to prime your cards, or get them lined up ready for the day, you would of had to exit the app go to calendar, go to wallet and back and forth and back and forth. You can easily line up your day by having your schedule at your finger tips, I had more details on this before, like location and who with under the time, but this was too much detail for a small space, so instead if you click today again or the dates it would give you more detail, these details can help you with budgeting (like knowing you will I be at home for lunch, so your not spending money on it) and it will also help you prime your cards, so like favouriting juice loyalty card, your card to pay for juice and building key card so you can pay for it, get your loyalty point and then enter your building without leaving the home screen,(favoriting cards adds them to the home screen for quick access) you can also tie the calendar in with repeating events so it automatically primes cards with specific events you don’t have to. This today section can also give reminders like quotes about saving money and notifications about loyalty card progress ‘today you eat free at so and so!’. 
The goals section is to help save money so you input total amount of goal, what the goal is, to which the app displays a graphic for, you also give it current amount saved if any, and the card related to that saving amount it tracks it’s spending so it can minus that away, you can also add things like $400 deposited every fortnight, so when you bank, it does that the goal updates.
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