Walter White Caricature-esq Illustration. Prismacolor pencils; Arches 185 gsm smooth. 
Original Working Image    //    Sketch for Client Approval   //    Final Illustration.
Compassion Images. Halves & Overlaid. 
Purpose of this is to see the caricature-esq features; Note, that this isn't a full blown caricature. You can see the over 'extruded' details here for example: the ears and nose increase in size, the bushiness in the beard and eyebrows increase, the emphasis and darkening on/of the wrinkles, making the mouth open, change of outfit, adding of the iconic boiler hat, adding iconic episode 'bits' like the band-aid and the hazmat suit. Emphasising the anger and rage of Walter White in his facial expression, an emotion that was prevalent throughout the series from the character     
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